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Baby Marmosets

Baby marmosets are energetic and fun but also require lots of hands on attention and care. They will need to be fed every few hours, bathed regularly, and entertained throughout the day. They are almost a twenty year commitment. To maintain a wonderful relationship with your animal you will need to spend lots of bonding and social time with them. Marmosets typically live in groups of families and need social time and environmental enrichment when they are in captivity.

To learn more about environmental enrichment, positive reinforcement, diet, and grooming please follow the link below. For more information on baby marmosets please stick around here!


Photo taken by LaRue Wisener 

Our baby marmosets are $5000+

To reserve one of these precious babies we ask for a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $900.

The rest must be paid before pick up or within 90 days after they are born. Pick up is always an option. We are located in Madison, Alabama. If you would need your little one shipped it is a $250 fee and pick up would be at the nearest Delta Air Lines.

Our animals come with USDA paperwork and a vet check. Please know your state laws before inquiring about a marmoset. Some states may require you to obtain a permit.

Our application is via email. We WILL ask for a vet reference before accepting a deposit.

How to prepare for a baby marmoset

Here I am going to cover the many things you'll need before bringing home a marmoset. Remember that their natural habitat has tons of space to run, jump, forage, and sleep. So when choosing a cage or habitat for your little one please keep in mind they need plenty of room. An extra large bird cage is a great option for adults but for now a tall ferret cage with thinly spaced bars is perfect. A soft place to sleep above their heating pad is not only for comfort but to make sure your baby stays healthy and warm at night. Hammocks, blankets, and pouches are fun for hiding and sleep.

You will also want to provide a warm space for them at all times. A heating pad for night and heat lamp for the day will ensure they are kept comfortable between 70-80 degrees. Always test your heat pad before placing your baby in the new cage. And always provide UVA/UVB lighting during the day so your marmoset can absorb calcium and D3. This is very important for your marmoset's health and growth!

Ropes, swings, and toys are very important for keeping your marmoset busy. A bored monkey will sometimes over-groom if they aren't entertained enough. Mental stimulation and bonding will help keep your baby happy and healthy. To find more ideas on environmental enrichment please see the "Marmoset Care" page.

Last, you don't want to forget formula. Your baby will be drinking 3cc (same as 3ml) of human formula every 4-6 hours. It must be Enfamil gentle formula and you should always check the temperature before feeding.  At this age they will also be transitioning to whole food and completely weaned off formula by 12 weeks. I would recommend starting with the "Monkey Cubes" recipe on the "Marmoset Care" page since it has a soft texture.

For more information on marmoset care please click

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