Our baby kinkajous are only $3200

To reserve one of these precious babies we ask for a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $640.

The rest must be paid before pick up or within 90 days after they are born. Pick up is always an option. We are located in Madison, Alabama. If you would need your little one shipped it is a $250 fee and pick up would be at the nearest Delta Air Lines.

Our animals come with USDA paperwork and a vet check. Please know your state laws before inquiring about a kinkajou. Some states may require you to obtain a permit.

Our application is via email. We WILL ask for a vet reference before accepting a deposit.

Baby Kinkajous

Baby kinkajous may look like adorable little bears but they are a long term commitment. When they grow up they will need a large space with plenty of places to climb and play. They are nocturnal and will need to be fed fresh food nightly. You will need to spend lots of bonding time with them and provide environmental enrichment to keep them happy and active.

To learn more about environmental enrichment, positive reinforcement, diet, and grooming please follow the link below. For more information on baby kinkajous please stick around here!

How to prepare for a baby kinkajou

To prepare for a baby kinkajou you will need a few things. First, a heat source such as a heat pad should be provided underneath one side of his or her cage. Second, you will need monkey biscuits from ZuPreem or Mizuri to make "Banana Soup." Don't forget Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer and 2nd Stage Gerber Bananas as well. See recipe below for full details. Last, remember to provide the right environment. Your baby won't need a large cage at this age. A small animal habitat with soft bedding and a blanket is fine.

Banana Soup
8oz. hot water
4oz. cup of Gerber stage 2 bananas
1 ripe banana
3tbsp. Esbilac puppy milk replacer
Primate Monkey Biscuits (ZuPreem or Mazuri Brand)

Soak two biscuits in the 8oz. hot water used for the "banana soup" for ten minutes. The next week do this with four biscuits, the following week six, and so on until you are adding twelve biscuits. Ideally by this point your baby will also be eating the dry biscuit well and can be weaned off the mash. Fresh banana is always okay and NO dairy, fresh raspberries, strawberries, or kiwi.
Blend well, store in fridge, and serve warm. This is what your baby will mainly eat three times a day and you should offer it warm. Keep in mind they will start eating more each day.



 Bonding, enrichment, diet, and environment are all very important to consider when adopting a baby kinkajou. Remeber that they will start eating solid foods and also need an upgraded space to play. For a full list of safe foods, environmental enrichment ideas, grooming tips, and more please see the "Kinkajou Care" page by following the button below.